PIBAA Priorities (Reviewed  and Updated April 2017):
1. Review Proposed Changes to Tasmanian Biosecurity Legislation
2. Formal Recognition of Regional Differentiation
3. Review Emergency Preparedness/Response Plans and Undertake Simulated Emergency Response
4. Development of Holistic 'On-Farm' Biosecurity Strategy
5. Embedding Biosecurity to Whole-of-Government Policy & Planning
6. Independent Analysis of Cost/Benefit of Area Freedom to Tasmania's Economy
7. Review of Commercial Importation Policies
8. Review of Incoming Freight Inspection  Services
9. Compensation Policy & Guidelines for an Incursion of a Serious Pest or Disease
10. Review of Incoming Passenger Inspections
11. Climate Change Research
12. Development of Further Strategic Pest & Disease Monitoring
13. Maintenance of Ongoing Trapping & Surveillance Programs
14. Biosecurity Audit of Refuse & Garbage Disposal
15. Development of Communication Strategy
16. Facilitate Establishment of Independent/3rd Party  Quarantine Stations
17. Ongoing DAWR Service Provision by Quarantine Tasmania
18. Implementation of Fully Computerised Systems within Quarantine Tasmania
19. Identification of Biosecurity Risks in Irrigation Developments
20. Facilitate Uptake of Certification Schemes & AO's
21. Review Quarantine & Biosecurity of King Island and Flinders Island
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PIBAA Priorities

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