Who is PIBAA?


In April 2010 a group of primary industry peak bodies met to discuss their concerns with biosecurity management and policy within Tasmania.

As a result of the meeting the various peak bodies decided to form the Primary Industry Biosecurity Action Alliance (PIBAA) with the key aim of forming a united front to push for better biosecurity services within the state.

What does PIBAA do?

Since 2010 PIBAA has released two publications - 'Biosecurity for our Future' and 'Biosecurity is our Future'. The group has made various submissions at state and federal government level and also appeared at Senate enquiries into Quarantine & Biosecurity.

PIBAA continues to advocate for improved biosecurity within Tasmania to ensure the long term viability of Tasmanian primary industry.

Why is biosecurity important?

Primary Industry in Tasmania has a farm gate value of over $2.5 billion. This does not include the value of further value-adding/processing or the significant contribution that the primary industry food sector has on tourism and hospitality.

Strong biosecurity not only protects the Tasmanian primary industry sector but also the health and safety of all Tasmanians as well as our world heritage natural environments.  Fire ants and European house borers, in fact, pose major biosecurity risks for the general public whilst myrtle rust has the potential to cause significant damage to our forests.

Furthermore strong biosecurity also protects recreational fishers, home gardeners, bird fanciers and pony riders just to name a few of the relevant interest groups that are effected by biosecurity policy in Tasmania.

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Current Issues:


The Tasmanian Government  has released the draft Biosecurity Bill 2017 to update current legislation pertaining to biosecurity in Tasmania.  Submissions are due by the 2nd June 2017.

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